Set up personal email - Samsung Epic™ 4G Pre-owned

Last updated: Aug 23, 2013

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You stated you have 2 Epics - do they both exhibit the same behaviors? I hesitated on doing the upgrade on my wife's Epi
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CAGEMARROW, I had this problem with my Epic and I had to do a factory data reset on it when I had di18. Once I did the f
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Not sure if you have an EPIC or an EVO - here are some battery tips - Also it is possible if you have BlueTooth - Wifi -
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RCKSTEIN02 your statement about a hard reset not fixing anything is not 100% accurate. I performed a hard reset a day o
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I'm a power user, an uber-geek. I like the latest and greatest, the biggest and the baddest. I've had my eyes set on bot
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