Take and save a picture - BlackBerry® Pearl™ 8130

Last updated: Oct 12, 2013

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aysdojo, The landscape and portrait mode is the specific type of picture you are takeing. Portrait is if you are taking
Author: lilgeekygirl Date: 2012-02-21
When I take a picture sometimes it goes to the SD card and sometimes it doesn't, when I tried to load my picture they ar
Author: rlbonsel2703 Date: 2011-05-22
Im trying to take a picture or video and it kepts saying "unable to save file to SD card due to insufficient file permis
Author: HaroldObando Date: 2010-07-30
Updating PRL will not fix the Picture Mail issue. Take a new picture and upload the picture and then send a picture with
Author: abe2020 Date: 2011-08-10
You may save your pictures at pictures.sprintpcs.com by uploading them if you are just taking pictures in your phone, bu
Author: Babyface05 Date: 2008-11-07