Take and share a picture - HTC® 8XT

Last updated: Dec 24, 2014

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after you take a picture there will be a bar that will show up with four different option if you choose the one with the
Author: xXBr3nda93Xx Date: 2010-06-24
I have tried multiple times taking a picture then sharing with others either via Message or through email.  The pic
Author: Photini59 Date: 2011-07-01
I am just wondering why, when I take a picture with my Replenish and tap share and tap FB it will not let me finish my c
Author: kinickkinick Date: 2011-10-19
c_brookhart,       Hmmm... Network connection shouldn't be a factor in taking pictures. By any chance, d
Author: NYClos Date: 2013-08-16
I have the Shared Plan - Everything Messaging with no Data 1. Who can can incur casual data charges (CDC) on my cell p
Author: MCSC042 Date: 2012-03-11