Transfer data from an Android device - BlackBerry® Q10

Last updated: Aug 23, 2014

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[Tips] If you're looking to transfer iPhone SMS to Android device, Backuptrans iPhone SMS to Android Transfer is a good
Author: Lard_Bo Date: 2012-08-21
The act of activating a  phone does not transfer information from one device to an other.  If you have an andr
Author: 14KNIGHT Date: 2012-11-29
I've never seen this and can't reproduce it on another Photon Q here in the store.   I would double check that you
Author: halcyoncmdr123 Date: 2012-12-23
I have used the transfer tool many times in the past and it used to be a great way to almost clone your phone.  Now
Author: remaxpat Date: 2014-04-25
Some of the people responding here are being a bit overly harsh towards you, but you are also being overly harsh to the
Author: wasbakntyme Date: 2010-06-29