Turn 4G on or off - Samsung Galaxy S® III 16GB (Dual Band)

Last updated: May 10, 2014

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I live in Mission Viejo California, does any one know when the 4G LTE comes out like when i bought my galaxy SIII it sai
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My Galaxy S2 hasn't been working unless it is connected to 4G the blutooth and wifi won't connect and if I turn 4G off a
Author: seoslen27 Date: 2013-04-03
I am able to use PPTP VPN over 4G without problems.  However if I disconnect.  Then turn off 4G.  Wait a
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RavenNull, I understand your concern with your device. This isn't a known issue with the device. When your Galaxy S
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Wife and I are about to have our contract up and are considering upgrading. We are finally looking at iphones (always be
Author: hobomatt Date: 2013-03-27