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Last updated: Aug 23, 2013

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Yes call forwarding does work on Sprint phone connect.Turn On and Off Unconditional Call Forwarding (CDMA) Steps to acti
Author: raylitherland67 Date: 2012-05-04
I have been having trouble this past week with my call being forwarded to an unknown number without me requesting them t
Author: ALISALI Date: 2014-04-04
One slight correction to rwalford79's post...   Conditional call forwarding is free and included in all plans. Con
Author: halcyoncmdr123 Date: 2009-12-27
FYI: Voicemail and call tones are not offered with call forwarding. Unfortunately the only ways to activate/deactivate
Author: BeaArthur Date: 2011-11-04
*28+10 digit phone # you are forwarding to. then *38 to turn call fwding off. http://support.sprint.com/support/articl
Author: sprint9149 Date: 2012-12-24