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Last updated: Nov 08, 2014

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Well, there isn't a button that says "EV-DO" On/Off or a button that says "1xRTT" On/Off or a button that says 3G On/Off
Author: seeblue1 Date: 2012-03-11
itza13 There is a roaming data limit. When that limit is reached the roaming data is turned off so there is no overage.
Author: SprintCare Date: 2014-11-24
Ever since the 4.1.2/LS970ZVB update, roaming on my LG Optimus G is nonexistant. This poses a problem, as I live in an a
Author: TVsFrank Date: 2013-04-20
The last upgrade should have improved the battery life. Here are some other tips to help optimize and save battery power
Author: IzzyKS Date: 2010-03-15
For the past i would say ten hours, people have tried to call my phone, but i never recieved any phone calls. it goes ba
Author: Pandarocks01 Date: 2012-08-05