Turn WiFi hotspot on or off - Nexus S™ 4G from Google

Last updated: May 27, 2014

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3G runs down the battery faster. If you have 3G and WiFi enabled simultaneously, what you are asking happens automatical
Author: Woofs Date: 2011-07-07
  It may be the multiple radios on the device; there are several features on the EVO smartphone versus a feature p
Author: IzzyKS Date: 2010-06-15
Mickey38 wrote: "If you go the PC card route, you can also get a mobile broadband router. This is a little Linksys dev
Author: halcyoncmdr123 Date: 2008-08-25
Nearly all of Europe uses a GSM standard network, while the Evo runs on the CDMA standard network.  They are not co
Author: wingland Date: 2011-02-09
I ran Windows network diagnostics on the WiFi adapter, and it turned on the radio, then did it's thing and got the adapt
Author: cdvonstinkpot2 Date: 2012-01-30