Turn WiFi on or off - Samsung Moment™ with Google™

Last updated: Jul 16, 2014

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When you say "improved" is that using the new WiFi feature? I just got the update but cannot test at the moment.  
Author: Freshyz Date: 2014-06-26
So after another trip to the store and much time spent with the tech, we finally came up with what the issue and/or prob
Author: gvandal120 Date: 2014-12-18
I was sort of joking about the possibility of LTE, but the map you furnished encouraged me to see if I could get a signa
Author: frailer Date: 2013-03-28
I have an issue, and it seems as though accidently hitting the airplane mode widget locks 4g into being disabled, until
Author: JPA44 Date: 2011-09-19
Unreal. Just chatted with "customer service"... -----------------------------------------------------------------------
Author: KevinA76 Date: 2012-07-03