Turn roaming on or off - Galaxy Nexus

Last updated: Nov 10, 2014

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Turn roaming 'OFF'. See http://support.sprint.com/support/tutorial/Turn_Roaming_On_or_Off_Samsung_Nexus_S_4G_from_Googl
Author: DanlK Date: 2012-09-16
Sorry to hear about that.  Have you tested other Sprint phones?  All solid green and connected directly to you
Author: tomdeaver Date: 2011-11-03
From reading forums and the latest online reviews, I understand that Sprint, Samsung and Google are aware of the signal
Author: MobileBeyond Date: 2011-05-31
PHEFNER79, The unique characteristics of the Google Nexus S 4G are as follows: Pure Google experience: It is the first
Author: SprintCares Date: 2011-05-04
I'm pretty sure I know what's happening, but I don't know how to stop it. I have the exact same problem on my Nexus S. T
Author: Jim_Rufio Date: 2011-07-12