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Last updated: Jan 25, 2012

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I am getting frustrated trying to find an answer to how to remove the pre-loaded apps on my Intecept.  Particularly
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Preloaded apps on the Samsung Epic cannot be uninstalled without rooting the phone
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Samsung Intercept, why can't I free up space by uninstalling the pre-loaded apps I don't want??
Author: Reignstorm66 Date: 2011-11-27
New to the Samsung Epic 4G.  How do I PERMANENTLY uninstall an application such as NASCAR?  I can get to the "
Author: flykast Date: 2011-04-25
ok found a problem.  When I uninstall any app, my Samsung program monitor widget on my home screen is gone.  I
Author: Jazzman77 Date: 2010-12-05