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Last updated: Jan 27, 2014

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Start uninstalling apps until the flashing stops. Mine stopped on Yahoo
Author: Keyspke Date: 2010-03-06
mine doesnt reboot reboot when im done with an app that is slow on the phone the screen will flash evo 4g logo and then
Author: darknesofnight4u2 Date: 2011-09-30
The app is actually better then the Webpage in my opinion. But yeah, it should work in both. In most cases, when you sel
Author: smotrs Date: 2012-07-20
It seems odd that they took away the Flashlight app.  Was it taking up too much space? Was there a security hole? &
Author: yourfriendmat. Date: 2011-06-29
You can also do something similar with preinstalled apps that you  don't use, i.e. Kindle, TeleNav, Adobe Flash Pla
Author: smotrs Date: 2012-01-20