Uninstall the Connection Software - Lenovo® ThinkPad® X131e

Last updated: Oct 12, 2013

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I have uninstalled and reinstalled the software (and yes I checked the box to install the 700wx drivers both times). How
Author: tialen Date: 2008-02-13
looks like i spoke too soon. stupid MTP keeps trying to connect to something, im guessing the software that i uninstalle
Author: cylee.htc Date: 2012-06-27
I have been getting an error when connecting my u301 mobile broadband and i have called tech support several times to no
Author: nelsonrodriguez29 Date: 2010-07-19
I'm sorry that whoever you talked to couldn't resolve your problem. I work in business tech support for Sprint and manua
Author: Imajika Date: 2007-10-31
I am experiencing the same 668 issue.  I have completely uninstalled and reinstalled the SmartView software and the
Author: cconnoragp Date: 2010-11-01