Upgrade the Device Software - BIS - BlackBerry® Tour™ 9630 smartphone

Last updated: Nov 10, 2014

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With all of the hullaballoo surrounding the whole "Samsung makes us purchase software upgrades" debacle, over at T-Mobil
Author: phefner79 Date: 2011-01-24
I was disappointed to see that the Nextel 8350i doesn't support the new version of Blackberry device software v5.0. 
Author: crobinso77 Date: 2010-05-21
so its best to upgrade not only the device software but also the desktop software as well
Author: sin1134 Date: 2007-12-08
Once the device is upgrade unless there is a major problem  as in the upgrade on the optimus we do not support goin
Author: 14KNIGHT Date: 2011-11-21
Just want to upgrade to Version 5 of the Blackberry device software but sprint won't let me
Author: rtorrey Date: 2010-07-08