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Last Updated: Nov 18, 2013

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LOL I thought I was the only geek that watched the HTC Sense on Hero video I watched all 3 parts. As soon as I saw the f
Author: LISBETHJ Date: 2009-08-30
As most of you know, Sprint will start offering the HTC Hero beginning Oct. 11. (More information available here: http:/
Author: SarahKS Date: 2009-09-17
Ok folks, i fed up with HTC's android 2.1 update for the HERO! The answer to my problems were found on
Author: Techfunk Date: 2010-05-31
saw this on android central..... htc droid eris 2.1 update with sense ui? video on here shows 2.1 with pinch to zoom se
Author: Nikolas Date: 2010-02-19
HTC Hero will Bring Innovation and Openness of a True Mobile Internet Experience to America’s Most Dependable 3G N
Author: SarahKS Date: 2009-09-02