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FAQs about Wi-Fi Calling on your device

Last Updated: Oct 04, 2016

Answers to some of your questions about Wi-Fi Calling

  • What is Wi-Fi Calling?

    Wi-Fi Calling is a free service that allows you to make or receive phone calls over a Wi-Fi network. You can make calls over a Wi-Fi connection even when your signal is low, and it doesn't count against your minutes.

  • What is required to use Wi-Fi Calling?

  • Location Services (GPS) must be turned on and your phone must be connected to a Wi-Fi network.

    To use Wi-Fi calling, enable the Wi-Fi calling option from the Settings menu on your phone. If prompted, enter your current location information, then follow any additional prompts to enable Wi-Fi Calling.

    When in range of an enabled Wi-Fi network, your phone will transition to Wi-Fi Calling mode within 15 - 60 seconds. On Android devices, the Wi-Fi Calling icon will appear in the Status bar when Wi-Fi Calling is ready.

  • Can I make Wi-Fi calls while traveling internationally?

    Wi-Fi Calling is supported in over 200 countries / territories. Wi-Fi Calling is not supported in select countries including: Australia, China, Cuba, North Korea, India, Iran, Singapore, Sudan and Syria. Sprint Subscribers are not authorized to use the service in countries where Wi-Fi Calling is prohibited by law.

    Wi-Fi Calls to the US while traveling internationally are available at no additional cost. Wi-Fi Calls to other countries (placed from the US and outside of the US) are still subject to Sprint international calling rates.

    Note: Please ensure the latest software is installed on the device to support using Wi-Fi Calling from an international location. The following Android devices do not support the ability to use the service from an international location: HTC One Max, Sharp Aquos, HTC Desire 510 and Kyocera Hydro Vibe.

  • Can I make Wi-Fi calls when I'm connected to a Public Wi-Fi network?

    Yes, Wi-Fi calls can be made using any Wi-Fi networks that allow Wi-Fi Calling. Some public Wi-Fi networks require extra steps to connect to the network. Make sure your device is connected to the public Wi-Fi network and if still unable to place calls, check the browser for additional steps. Some public Wi-Fi networks may block Wi-Fi calling. If you can't make or receive Wi-Fi calls when connected to a network, contact the network provider for more information.

  • What happens to a call when I leave my Wi-Fi coverage area?

    Active calls do not switch from Wi-Fi to cellular. If you go outside of your Wi-Fi coverage area, the call will end. Active calls also do not switch from cellular to Wi-Fi.

For additional information about Wi-Fi Calling, such as 9-1-1 calls, please review the extended FAQs about Wi-Fi calling.

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