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FAQs about iTunes Radio on your Apple iPad Air

Last Updated: Oct 04, 2016

Answers to some of your questions about iTunes Radio

  • What is iTunes Radio?

    It's a high quality music streaming service. It accesses the iTunes media library on iCloud and delivers top quality music from your favorite artists, albums, and genres.

  • How does iTunes Radio work?

    • You can listen to your favorite genre stations for free.
    • iTunes Radio learns what you like and adapts to play songs you enjoy.
    • The more you listen, the more it learns.
    • You can stream iTunes radio from your Apple iPad Air or through iTunes on your computer.
  • How much does iTunes Radio cost?

    iTunes Radio is a completely free, ad-supported music streaming service.

  • What is iTunes Match?

    • iTunes Match is an optional pay-to-subscribe service through Apple.
    • Subscribers can listen to iTunes Radio ad-free.
    • It scans your media library for songs that you own which are also in the iTunes store.
    • If iTunes Match finds a matching song, it adds it to iCloud.
    • When a song is in iCloud, you can listen to it on all of your iOS devices - even songs imported from CDs or purchased from stores other than iTunes.
    • All music streams in high quality (256-Kbps) - even if the original song is of a lower quality.

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