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FAQs related to Cortana on your Lumia 635

Last Updated: Oct 04, 2016

Answers to some of your questions about Cortana on your Lumia 635

  • What is Cortana?

    Cortana is an in-depth voice control application on your Lumia 635. Cortana is intended to be your own personal digital assistant.

  • What can Cortana do?

    Cortana is a very powerful tool for interacting with your phone. You can use Cortana for basic features, such as making phone calls, composing messages, setting reminders, and performing voice searches.

    Cortana can also learn your daily routine and interests, offer proactive suggestions to help you plan trips and activities, keep you updated on events that are important to you, assist you in connecting with your friends, and manage incoming calls and messages for you.

  • How do you set up Cortana?

    Cortana is very customizable. There are many settings you can adjust to ensure Cortana fits into your life.

    How to configure Cortana.

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