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FAQs related to memory on your Moto X Pure Edition

Last Updated: Oct 04, 2016

Answers to some of your questions about memory

  • How much internal memory does my Moto X Pure Edition have?

    Your phone has 32GB of internal memory.

  • What is the largest, compatible memory card for this phone?

    Your phone can support memory cards up to 32GB.

  • What can I do to conserve internal memory?

    The best way to conserve internal memory is to move all pictures, videos, audio files and other transferable content to the memory card. Regularly deleting messages also helps conserve available internal memory.

  • What is the difference between internal storage and SD card storage?

    Internal storage refers to the available memory found on your phone. Internal storage is not removable. SD card storage refers to the available memory on a removable SD card.

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