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FAQs related to text messaging on your Moto E

Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

Answers to some of your questions about text messaging on your Moto E

  • What's the difference between text messaging and multimedia messaging?

    A text message only contains text. For longer text messages, your Moto E splits the message into multiple messages.

    With multimedia messaging you can combine images, video, and audio with text in a single message.

    Note: Other devices either split long texts into multiple messages or convert them into a multimedia message. Multimedia messages require a data connection; text messages don't.

    Send or receive a multimedia message.

  • Why does the message say Draft next to it?

    Your Moto E saves a message that is composed but not sent as a draft. You can open and edit a draft or send it as is.

  • How do I send a group message?

    In the message inbox, tap the New Message icon and enter the recipient names or phone numbers in the To field. Separate phone numbers with a semi-colon.

  • Can I delete a text message?

    Delete a single text message.

    Delete an entire text message thread.

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