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FAQs related to using Gmail to backup and sync contacts with your Nexus 5X

Last Updated: Oct 04, 2016

Answers to some of your questions about synchronizing contacts between your Nexus 5X and Gmail

  • How does my Nexus 5X back up and restore contacts with Gmail™?

    If you set up a Google™ account on your phone, your Gmail contacts are automatically imported to your phone.

    After you've associated your Google account with your phone, anytime you add, import, or transfer a contact, you can choose where to save the contact. New contacts don't synchronize with your Google account unless you select Google.

    If you add contacts to your phone before setting up a Google account, your contacts don't synchronize with Gmail. They save as Phone Only contacts.

    Set up a Google account.

  • My contacts are saved as Phone Only contacts. Can I still back them up?
  • To backup Phone Only contacts, follow the tutorials for Export contacts and Import contacts.

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