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FAQs related to your Apple ID on your Apple iPhone SE

Last Updated: Oct 04, 2016

Answers to some of your questions about your Apple ID

  • What is an Apple ID?

    An Apple ID is a username that allows access to all Apple services. Only one Apple ID is needed for all Apple services.

  • Where do I obtain an Apple ID?

    You can use My Apple ID to create an Apple ID.

  • How can I manage my Apple ID and edit my account information?

    For access to comprehensive support material, including information on how to recover your Apple ID username or password and change your Apple ID account information, visit Apple ID Support.

  • Why am I asked to verify my Apple ID by email?

    Verifying your Apple ID by email protects your identity and helps keep your account secure.

  • Why didn't I receive the verification email?

    If the verification email did not appear in your inbox, check the junk or spam folder. Sometimes email programs will mistake the Apple ID verification email as junk mail and automatically send it to the junk or spam folder.

  • Can I use the same Apple ID on different Apple products?

    The same Apple ID can be used on different Apple products.

  • Do I have to associate a credit card with my Apple ID?

    A credit card is not required to create an Apple ID. If prompted to select a credit card type, select None. Leave any credit card information boxes blank and continue creating the account.

  • Can I use my ID as an Apple ID?

    If the email address was created prior to July 11th, 2008 and the account was active after July 11th, 2008, then the ID will work as an Apple ID.

  • Why do I see the message "This Apple ID has been disabled for security reasons" when logging in?

    This error message indicates that the account has been locked because there have been too many failed sign-in attempts.

    For information on how to resolve this issue, visit Apple ID Support.

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