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FAQs related to Google Play on your Google Nexus 5

Last Updated: Oct 04, 2016

Answers to some of your questions about Google Play Store

  • What is Google Play Store™?

    Google Play Store is a multimedia content service where you can buy music, movies, books, applications and games for your Android device.

  • Why is a Google™ account required for Google Play Store?

    A Google account links Google Play Store to your Google Nexus 5. You can purchase applications at Google Play Store and it keeps track of your purchases. You can re-download and install previously purchased applications without additional cost in case you ever have to reset or replace your Google Nexus 5.

    Set up a Google account.

  • How do I pay for applications?

    You can pay with your Google Wallet™ and you can bill some purchases to your Sprint account.

    You can store your payment information in a Google Wallet account for online or tap-to-pay purchasing.

    Google Wallet is a secure payment option that requires several security checkpoints before your purchase is complete.

  • Why can some devices download a specific application from Google Play Store when other devices can't?

    Certain applications may not be compatible with your Google Nexus 5. While browsing in Google Play Store, only compatible applications are visible.

    Note: Google may remove some applications from Google Play Store to prepare for an update or because of a policy.

  • Why is Google Play Store not working?

    Troubleshoot a malfunctioning application.

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