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FAQs related to backing up and restoring contacts with Gmail on your LG Optimus G

Last Updated: Oct 04, 2016

Answers to some of your questions about synchronizing contacts between your LG Optimus G and Gmail

  • How does my LG Optimus G™ back up and restore contacts with Gmail™?

    If you sign into a Google™ account during the initial setup process, your LG Optimus G automatically synchronizes contacts with your Gmail account.

    If you add contacts to your LG Optimus G before signing into your Google account, your contacts don't synchronize with Gmail. They save as Phone Only contacts.

    After you've associated your Google account with your LG Optimus G, anytime you add, import, or transfer a contact, your device prompts you to choose where to save the contact. Contacts don't synchronize with your Google account unless you select Google Account.

    Set up a Google account.

  • My contacts are saved as Phone Only contacts. Can I still back them up?
  • To backup Phone Only contacts, follow the tutorials for Export contacts and Import contacts.

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