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Find and update the software version on your HTC EVO Design 4G

Last Updated: Nov 23, 2015

  • Software updates may be released in stages and can take several days for delivery.
  • If prompted that an update is available, follow the onscreen instructions to complete the installation.
  • Check the current device software:

    Manually check for updates:

    Current version:

    • 4.02.651.2


    Release Date

    Description of Enhancements/Fixes

    4.02.651.2 02/21/2013


    • Hotspot allows more than 1 connection in GSM mode
    • Launching Messaging app loading time
    • Sprint Connection Optimizer
    3.14.651.0 07/31/2012


    • Upgrade to Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0)
    • Create folders on your home panels
    • Improved Android browser
    • Improved accessibility
    • Resizable Google widgets
    • Add/remove panels
    • Face unlock: use state-of-the-art facial recognition technology to unlock your phone with a smile
    • Redesigned camera app that introduces scenes like Panorama, and effects like Vignette, Depth of Field, Vintage and Posterize
    • Redesigned Gmail app lets you swipe between conversations to catch up quickly
    • Google+ integration


    • Sprint Mobile Hotspot
    • Dialing 1 to allow voicemail access
    • Exchange calendar sync fail issue
    2.12.651.8 04/13/2012


    • Security Fixes
    2.12.651.5 01/19/2012


    • Security Fixes
    • Updated Peep Client
    • Battery Life Improvement
    • Updated Sprint Zone client

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