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Know how usage is billed when traveling internationally

Last Updated: Sep 22, 2016


When traveling internationally with your Sprint service, all calls are billed the same rate for the country in which you are traveling. Whether receiving a call, calling a local number, calling back to the United States or calling to another country, calls are billed the rate for the country where the service is utilized. All calls are billed per minute and rounded up to the next minute.


While traveling internationally, all data access is billed per kilobyte and rounded up to the next kilobyte. Whether browsing the web, accessing email or device updates accessing data service, all use is billed per kilobyte. To prevent inadvertent data roaming charges, set your data roaming guard to alert you before connecting or turn off data roaming if you do not want to access data services.

While traveling internationally data roaming use can add up quickly. Understand how file sizes relate to data usage by the type of activity you enjoy (these sizes are approximate; please monitor your usage often):

  • Email (text only, no images): approximate file size 20 kilobytes
    • 1x Data: 1 email x $0.004 = $0.08
    • GRPS Data: 1 email x $0.019 = $0.38
  • Web visits: approximate file size 500 kilobytes
    • 1x Data: 500 KB x $0.004 = $2.00 (click 2 links x $0.004 = $6.00)
    • GPRS Data: 500 KB x $0.019 = $9.50 (click 2 links x $0.019 = $28.50)
  • Video Streaming: approximate file size 256,000 kilobytes per hour
    • 1x Data: 256,000 KB x $0.004 = $1,024.00
    • GPRS Data: 256,000 KB x $0.019 = $4,864.00


Text messages are billed per message. When sending a text to multiple recipients, each message is billed separately. For example, if 5 numbers are entered in the "To" field, then you will be billed for 5 texts sent. When roaming internationally, text messages delivered to your device are billed the received text rate for the country in which you are traveling. Some of Sprint's roaming partners do not provide texts received.

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