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Know what data limits apply when roaming internationally

Last Updated: Sep 22, 2016

Sprint wants to protect you from the high costs of international data roaming by informing you of charges before they appear on your bill when possible. Read below for information on data limits while roaming internationally.The article Find frequently asked questions about data roaming provides additional details for domestic nationwide data roaming limits and notifications.

Suspending your service

  • Your device's international data roaming capability may be temporarily suspended after you exceed approximately $100, $300 and $500 of international data charges in a billing cycle.*


  • Your notification default must be set to yes to receive notifications from Sprint.
  • Notifications are sent via your preferred notification method, either text or email. To update your notification preference, contact us.
  • Notifications are sent once your device exceeds approximately $50, $100, $150 and then after each additional $50 in international data roaming usage.


Charges vary based on the country where you're accessing service. Check for more information.

While traveling internationally, data roaming usage can add up quickly. Understand how file sizes relate to data usage by the type of activity you enjoy (these sizes are approximate; please monitor your usage often):

  • Email (text only, no images): approximate file size 20 kilobytes
    • 20 KBs x $0.005 = $0.10
    • 20 KBs x $0.019 = $0.38
  • Web visits: approximate file size 500 kilobytes
    • 500 KB x $0.005 = $2.50 (click 2 links x $0.005 = $7.50)
    • 500 KB x $0.019 = $9.50 (click 2 links x $0.019 = $28.50)
  • Video Streaming: approximate file size 256,000 kilobytes per hour
    • 256,000 KB x $0.005 = $1,280.00
    • 256,000 KB x $0.019 = $4,864.00

Restoring your service

  • Your service will be automatically restored at the start of your next billing cycle.
  • You will be redirected to a Web page to continue international data usage for monthly rate plans at the threshold and at $300; and for casual usage at $100 and $300. You can also contact International Support by chat, email or by calling any of the toll-free numbers available while traveling.

*Billing of usage for calls, messages, data or other services (such as usage when roaming on other carriers' networks, including internationally) may occasionally be delayed. Alerts and/or suspensions as described above will be triggered when a customer exceeds the stated thresholds or dollar amounts. Customers with International Data Pack Add-on will only be suspended after exceeding bucket allowance, $300, and $500 of international data roaming charges. Customers using Static IP or DataLink will not receive notifications and will not be suspended.

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