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Learn more about Sprint Music Plus

Last Updated: Sep 22, 2016

What is Sprint Music Plus?

  • Sprint Music Plus is the Sprint music store and player for music full tracks, albums, ringtones and ringback tones.
  • This feature includes:
    • A full-featured music player, manager and store in one app.
    • Millions of DRM-free (digital rights management) music tracks and tones updated daily.
    • Save money when you buy bundles.
    • Free music is also available.
    • Add the Sprint Music Plus widget for quick access to all your tunes.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I preview music tracks?

  1. From the main menu on your phone, select Sprint Music Plus.
  2. Select Music Store.
  3. Search and select track to preview. You can search by artist, title or keyword, or music category.
  4. Select Preview.

How do I purchase music tracks?

  1. From the main menu on your phone, select Sprint Music Plus.
  2. Select Music Store.
  3. Search and select track to purchase. You can search by artist, title or keyword, or music category.
  4. Click Buy Track > OK.


What are ringback tones?

  • Ringback tones allow you to pick what callers hear while they wait for you to answer the phone.
  • A monthly subscription is required to use ringback tones.
  • Individual ringback tones need to be purchased and assigned after you have subscribed. You can assign the ringback tone to all callers or individual callers and even customize based on time of day.
  • You can also create a ringback tone shuffle list, where selected tones will play randomly.


How do I sign up for a ringback tone subscription?

  • There is an "Info" button next to each ringback tone in Sprint Music Plus. Select "Info" and it will guide you through the subscription process.


Is there a monthly charge for ringback service?

  • Yes, there is a monthly subscription fee of $0.99. You may be eligible to receive a free one month trial.
  • After the trial period ends, a monthly recurring charge of $0.99 will be applied to your Sprint bill unless you unsubscribe.
  • Each ringback tone is $1.99 and is valid for 6 months.
  • Ringback playlists are $3.49 and are valid for one month. Trial users may also have access to a limited selection of free ringback tones.


I subscribed to ringback service but it is not active yet. Why?

  • Ringback subscriptions may take up to 24 hours to activate. You will be informed via text message when your subscription has been processed successfully.


I purchased a ringback tone but it is not playing when people call me. Why?

  • Purchasing a ringback tone adds it to your ringback tone library. You must go to your ringback library and set the tone to play as default or for a specific caller.
  • Setting a ringback tone as default will play the tone for all callers.
  • If you have customized the ringback tone based on time of day, it will only play during the time period. If you have added the ringback tone to a shuffle list, the tone will play randomly.


Do ringback tones expire?

  • Yes. Most ringback tones have a six month expiry.
  • Promotional free ringback tones and ringback playlists have a one month expiry.
  • At the end of the license period, ringback tones renew at the current purchase price for a subsequent six-month period.


How can I stop a ringback from renewing automatically?

  • To manage your ringback auto-renewal period, go to the ringback library, select the specific ringback tone for which you wish to manage auto-renew and select "Turn Auto-renew off."


How do I unsubscribe from the ringback service?

  • Select "Settings," then "Manage My Subscriptions" and then "Unsubscribe." A confirmation screen will be displayed. You may also unsubscribe by calling Customer Care at *2 from your Sprint device.


Are ringback tones available on my device?

  • If you can view ringback tones in Sprint Music Plus, it means they are available on your device. Sprint Music Plus will only display content that is compatible with your Sprint device.


What is the shuffle list for ringback tones?

  • The shuffle list plays a random ringback tone to your callers from the tones you have purchased and added to the shuffle list. To add a ringback to your shuffle list, select "Ringback Tones" under "Library" from the main menu.


What are ringback playlists?

  • Ringback playlists contain a selection of tones of a genre or theme which will rotate each time you get a call.
  • Ringback playlists cost $3.49 and are valid for one month and will auto-renew. The tones included in the playlists will be updated monthly to ensure they are up to date with the latest hits.


In the ringback tone library, what are the "Evening" and "Day" settings for?

  • You may set a ringback tone to play only during "Day" hours or "Evening" hours. A ringback tone set for "Day" hours plays between 6 a.m. and 6 p.m. Eastern Time and a ringback tone set for "Evening" hours plays between 6 p.m. and 6 a.m. Eastern Time. If you leave either the "Day" or "Evening" options blank, no tone will play during the selected period.


I tried downloading a full track/album/ringtone, but was interrupted by loss of service. How do I re-download?

  • During a loss of service, a download in progress will be stored as "pending download." You can restart the download at no additional charge. As a reminder, ringback tones are not a downloaded service--there is no file downloaded to your phone as it is a network-based service only.


What are ringtones?

  • Ringtones are downloaded to your phone. With ringtones, you can "set" a tone (song, sound effect, etc.) that you will hear when someone calls you instead of the default ringer on your phone. Ringtones never expire on the device which they are purchased. Ringtones are not transferrable to a new phone.


How do I set my ringtones?

  • From the main menu, select "Ringtones" under "Library." From the "Overview" page, you can set your default tone and tones for specific callers.


What is DRM-free music?

  • Digital rights management (DRM) is a technology that restricts the ability to move or copy content from one device or format to another. DRM-free content doesn't have these restrictions, allowing greater flexibility--including the ability to play songs purchased from your mobile phone on any player.


I already have music downloaded (or side-loaded) on my phone, can I listen to it with the Sprint Music Plus app?

  • Yes, media files can be imported from the device into the player. From the "Settings" menu, select "Synchronize your music library."


If I uninstall the Sprint Music Plus app, can I still use my content?

  • Yes, DRM-free content should allow playback on the native device player.


Do I need a microSD card inserted in my phone to download Music?

  • Yes, the client will look for an external SD card for track and album downloads.


How do I create and manage playlists?

  • From the player, select the menu icon and then select "Add to Playlist." Select "Add to new playlist…" and give the playlist a name. Click the (+) icon to add the playlist to your library. To add more songs to your playlist, view them in the player and select "Add to Playlist" again from the menu icon and select the playlist that you've created.
  • To edit your playlist, from the main menu, select "Music" under "Library" and swipe to the right to the "Playlists" tab. Here you can select any playlist you've created and remove songs, shuffle or play all.


If I lose or break my phone, can my content be restored?

  • Currently there is no way to restore music or ringtone content once the phone is lost or broken. However, you can archive your music on your computer since the files are DRM-free.
  • Your ringback content can be restored if you switch devices by selecting "Synchronize your music library" from the "Settings" menu or if you have downloaded your music tracks to the SD card on the device. If the phone and/or SD card are lost, you cannot recover the tracks.


How do I transfer media files to and from my phone via USB?

  • You will need a USB data cable. Plug the micro USB end of the cable to the phone and the other end to your computer. If prompted, allow your computer to automatically install device drivers. You will now see the storage content folders of your device.



Help, I can't install the Sprint Music Plus Android app.

  • Make sure any previous versions of the app are uninstalled and you are using a Sprint device.


How do I know if I have the latest version of the Sprint Music Plus Android app installed?

  • If the top button says "Open," you have the latest version. If it says "Update," there is a new version available. Click "Update" to install the latest version.
  • Get the latest version of Sprint Music Plus for your device:


The Sprint Music Plus Android app stopped responding/froze.

  • Tap the Android "Home" key, open the app tray and open "Settings." Go to "Applications > Running." Tap on the Sprint Music Plus app, and hit "Stop" or "Force Stop." Tap OK when prompted for confirmation. Go back to the app tray and re-launch the Sprint Music Plus app.


The Sprint Music Plus app still won't start even after I force-stopped the app.

  • Go to Android "Settings > Applications > Running." Tap on the Sprint app and hit "Stop" or "Force Stop." Tap OK when prompted for confirmation. Tap on "Clear Cache," and OK on the confirmation prompt. Go back to the app tray and re-launch the Sprint Music Plus app.


The Sprint Music Plus app still won't start even after I cleared the cache.

  • Go to Android "Settings > Applications." Tap on the Sprint Music Plus app and tap "Uninstall." Tap OK when prompted for confirmation. Tap OK once more when uninstall is complete. Re-download and reinstall the Sprint Music Plus app from Google Play.


I can't find my music.

  • Downloaded content will be stored in /storage/sdcard0/Music/lwmmedia.
  • You may access and play music purchased and downloaded through the Sprint Music Plus app via the built-in Android "Music" player app.
  • If you have a file manager app installed, you may also browse through the file system directly to that path to find your music. To import your music into the Sprint Music Plus app, select "Settings" from the main menu and then "Synchronize your music library."


I am having connection issues/slow connection/spotty connection.

  • If there is a Wi-Fi hotspot nearby, turning on Wi-Fi will generally solve most connection issues and speed up the connection and downloads. You may need to restart paused or in-progress downloads.


How do I find info requested by Customer Care for troubleshooting?

  • Go to Android "Settings," scroll to the bottom and tap "About Phone." You will find necessary troubleshooting info such as device model, Android version, phone number (a.k.a. MDN), MEID, etc. Please provide this info to Customer Care.


Where can I find information about Full Track Credit Bundles, Ringtone Credit Bundles and Ringback Tone Credit Bundles?

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