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Learn more about Sprint One Up

Last Updated: Sep 22, 2016

Heads up!

Sprint One Up was retired on Jan. 9, 2014. Check out Sprint Lease at

What is Sprint One UpSM?

Sprint One UpSM was a program that retired on 1/9/2014. The program consisted of customers who purchased an eligible smartphone with no down payment, depending on device, and agreed to 24 monthly installment payments for the device.

I am enrolled in Sprint One UpSM. How do I exercise my annual upgrade option?

After 12 consecutive installment payments, customers enrolled in Sprint One Up are eligible to give back their current smartphone (see Sprint Giveback Program Terms) and upgrade to a new smartphone by entering into a new Installment Agreement. The smartphone the customer will give back after the 12 consecutive installment payments has to be the same or equivalent model that was subject to the original installment.

Are there any service discounts associated with Sprint One UpSM?

Smartphone customers who purchased their devices under the One Up program prior to 1/9/2014 receive $15 monthly service discount off of Unlimited, My Way and My All-in plans. No other plans will receive the discount.

  • Service discount will suspend after your next upgrade or if you migrate plans.

What does good working condition mean when giving back my device to participate in Sprint One UpSM?

Device must be in good working condition, power on and cannot have broken, cracked or missing pieces.

How will customer payments be divided up over 24 months?

Customers will pay the same amount for 23 months and the balance will be due with the final payment in month 24.

What happens if a customer on an Installment Agreement cancels service prior to completing their 24 device payments?

If a customer on an Installment Agreement cancels service prior to completing their 24 device payments, the full remaining unpaid balance on the device will be due on customer's next invoice.

Is a customer still eligible for two-year service agreement savings if they take advantage of Sprint One UpSM?

No. Customers participating in One Up may not be eligible to participate in other device offers until their Installment Agreement is paid in full.

Can a customer pay more than their scheduled monthly Installment Agreement?

Yes, a customer can pay more than their scheduled monthly Installment Agreement.

Can a customer enroll in a device protection program (e.g. Total Equipment Protection) on a smartphone or tablet purchased through Sprint One UpSM?

Yes, the customer has the option to enroll in the various device protection programs to protect, replace and repair their smartphone. Enrollment in a device protection program is optional, but Sprint highly encourages customers to enroll to protect their investment.

The customer is responsible for their phone if it breaks during their Installment Agreement. The customer will be responsible for the remainder of the unpaid balance regardless of the operability of the phone.

What if I go on Military Suspend with an active Installment Agreement?

If your line is suspended under our currently military suspend program, your installment billing payments will also suspend and your payments and service will resume upon your return from military service.

What is the Return and Exchange Policy for Sprint One UpSM?

Sprint's Satisfaction Guarantee applies to all Installment Billing agreements. For more details about Sprint's policy, visit

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