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Manually update the preferred roaming list (PRL) on your Sprint Mobile Broadband Card

Last Updated: Sep 22, 2016

  • You can update the preferred roaming list (PRL) and firmware on Mobile Broadband Cards that use Sprint SmartViewSM. Keeping your PRL updated helps you connect faster to preferred networks, Sprint, or roaming partners.
  • To update the PRL, go to eUpgrades Support and follow the instructions specific to your card.


Manual installation instructions

  • If you have gone to the eUpgrades Support page and have been directed back to this page, follow the instructions below.
  • Important: Use Sprint SmartView version 1.21.0006.0 or later to get the latest PRL updates. To download the latest Sprint SmartView version, go to the Sprint Downloads page.

Check your current Sprint SmartView version

  1. Insert your Mobile Broadband Card into the computer
  2. Open SprintSmartView
  3. On the Tools menu, click About
  4. Verify the version number

Download the PRL

  1. Make sure the Sprint SmartView application, version 1.21.0006.0 or later, is installed on your computer
  2. Go to the Mobile Broadband Cards section at eUpgrades Support and download the PRL file located under the instructions for All other Mobile Broadband Cards using Sprint SmartView. Save it to a familiar location such as your desktop.
  3. Write down the version number located in the PRL file name as you will need it later to verify that the installation was successful

Install the PRL file

Note: For Gobi modules, secondary 6-digit code is required to apply a PRL. Before proceeding, please contact Sprint Business Care at 800-927-2199 to obtain this code.

  1. Insert your Mobile Broadband Card into your laptop, and then open Sprint SmartView. Note: To open Sprint SmartView, from the Start menu, select Programs or All Programs> Sprint >SprintSmartView
  2. Wait for Sprint SmartView to come to a Ready state. IMPORTANT: Do not click the Connect button.

  1. Click in an empty area in the middle of the Sprint SmartView window to activate it
  2. For SmartView versions 1.2x (1.21 and above), using all caps, type ##PRL
  3. For versions 2.2x, using all caps, type ##PRL#
  4. For Gobi modules only, the Master lock code dialog box appears. In the Entercode field, type the secondary 6-digit code you got from Sprint Business Care, and then click OK.

  1. In the PRLDownloader dialog box, click the Browse button

  1. In the Open dialog box, browse for and select the PRL file you downloaded, and then click Open
  2. In the PRLDownloader dialog box, click OK
  3. The Sprint SmartView software will reappear and the installation process will begin automatically. Wait for the installation to complete. When complete, Sprint SmartView will refresh and come back to a Ready state.
  4. To make sure the update was successful, on the Tools menu, click MobileInfo

  1. Refer back to the PRL file version number you wrote down, and verify in the CDMA window that the number displayed under the PRL version heading matches it. If the number doesn't match, try to update the PRL again by repeating the above instructions.

If you experience any issues, contact us for assistance.


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