Pay for a Google Play application on your monthly Sprint bill

Last Updated: Aug 04, 2016

When you make a purchase  from Google Play, most customers can choose to have the cost appear on their monthly Sprint bill instead of paying by credit card at the time of purchase.

There is either a $25 or $50 limit on the total amount of transactions made to your Sprint bill per billing cycle, depending upon your account type. For account spending limit subscribers, paying for a Google Play purchase on your monthly Sprint bill will not be available until after three months of Sprint service. This limit accounts for refunds processed from Google Play - any refunds processed will be deducted from the total limit calculation.

To put your Google Play purchase on your monthly Sprint bill:

  1. Access Google Play on your phone and search for the item you want to purchase
  2. On the application description screen, tap the box with the item's cost.
  3. If Bill my Sprint account is not already selected, click the drop down arrow next to your current payment option and click on Bill my Sprint account.  If a credit card has not been setup, Bill my Sprint account is the default payment option.
  4. If this is your first purchase on your Sprint account, verify your address is correct; if you need to change it, tap the pencil icon next to the address listed
  5. Review the Terms of Use and tap Accept
  6. Click Accept & buy.
  7. If the purchase was successful the download of your item will begin, if applicable.

After you make your purchase, you will receive an email from Google to the Gmail account set up on your phone. This email provides specific vendor support contact options, the Google refund policy, and the total amount of the transaction.

Note: Refunds of content purchased in Google Play are subject to the terms and policies of the third-party content provider or vendor selling the product. Even if you place the charge on your Sprint bill, Sprint is only the billing agent and does not refund content purchased through the Android Market.

Game and application refunds from within Google Play are available within the first 15 minutes of purchase, and any requests for content support and refunds after 15 minutes must be made directly to the vendor identified on the purchase notification email. Note: This policy is subject to change at the discretion of  the vendor. The refund policy for any other item other than games and applications purchased within Google Play is established by Google.

You can view status of your refund requests by visiting and entering your Gmail address and password. The decision to provide a refund or not is specific to the policies of the identified vendor, and based on the terms and services you agreed to at time of purchase, the vendor may not provide a refund.


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