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Program your AIRAVE 2.5+

Last Updated: Nov 23, 2015

After you set up your AIRAVE 2.5+ and turn it on for the first time, it automatically goes through an activation sequence. The activation sequence may take up to 2 hours. During the activation sequence, your AIRAVE 2.5+ displays several combinations that represent various stages in the activation sequence.

Stage description Broadband
GPS Network Mobile
Initial hardware test Solid Green Solid Green Solid Green Solid Green
Software loading Solid Green Off Off Off
Software loaded and services started Solid Green Blinking Red Blinking Red Blinking Red
AIRAVE link has been established to the Sprint network Solid Green Blinking Red Solid Green Blinking Red
Unit has GPS lock and internet connection to Sprint network Solid Green Solid Green Solid Green Blinking Red
All connections made and the AIRAVE is ready for use Solid Green Solid Green Solid Green Solid Green

If your AIRAVE 2.5+ doesn't activate, please contact Sprint AIRAVE Support at (866) 556- 7310.

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