FAQs related to Daydream VR on your Google Pixel XL


Original Post Date: Oct 17, 2016

Answers to some of your questions about Daydream VR

  • What is Daydream VR?

    Daydream VR is a virtual-reality system designed by Google. It allows your phone to display VR content, such as 3D movies, games, and even create 3D paintings in virtual-reality.

  • How does Daydream VR work?

    Daydream VR is a combination of a special headset, a motion-tracking controller, and your Google Pixel XL. When you insert your phone into the headset, it acts as the screen and the brain of the Daydream VR goggles.

  • How is Daydream VR different from other VR headsets?

    Daydream VR uses the enhanced motion detection in your Google Pixel XL to facilitate better motion tracking than many VR headsets.

    Daydream VR is also more portable than most VR headsets. Since the Daydream VR system uses your phone, it doesn't need additional expensive hardware. Plus it has access to certain exclusive apps and games from Google.

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