Recover contacts on your Sonim XP Strike IS


Original Post Date: Oct 04, 2016

Steps to recover your saved contacts

Note: You can recover your contacts only if you've previously backed them up.
  • Bluetooth®

    Some Bluetooth-enabled devices have Bluetooth file transfer capabilities. If you stored your contacts on another Bluetooth-enabled device, you can recover your contacts.

    1. Be sure you have Bluetooth enabled on the other device and ready to pair.
    2. From the Sonim XP Strike IS home screen, press the Menu/OK key.
    3. Scroll to Settings and press Select.
    4. Scroll to Bluetooth and press Select.
    5. With Bluetooth highlighted, press Select.
    6. Scroll to On and press Select.
    7. Scroll to Search audio enhanc and press Select.
    8. Your device searches for available Bluetooth devices within range. Scroll to the name of the other device and press Select.
      • If prompted, enter the passkey and tap OK.
      • If you're unsure of the passkey, try entering 0000 or 1234 (the default for most Bluetooth devices).
    9. After you've paired the devices, begin the transfer of contacts from the other device.
    10. After the transfer is complete, open the file on your Sonim XP Strike IS and follow the prompts to load your contacts into your contact list.

    Pair with a Bluetooth device.

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