Conserve mobile data on your Franklin U772 USB Modem


Original Post Date: Oct 04, 2016

Steps to conserve mobile data on your Franklin U772 USB Modem

Follow the steps in each of the sections below to track and manage your data usage:

  • Check Data usage

    1. In your Internet browser, type http://sprintmodem or in the address bar.
    2. Press Enter.
    3. Click Check Usage.
    4. The data usage information is displayed.

      Note: If prompted to enable pop-up, click OK, then verify the Block pop-ups setting is disabled..

  • Disconnect when not in use

    When not actively in use, unplug the device from the computer to ensure no data is used in the background.

  • Streaming

    Streaming video and audio services use a large amount of data. Be sure that your computer is not streaming data unnecessarily.

  • Account synchronization

    Sometimes your computer automatically syncs account data to and from the internet. Disable any unneeded account synchronization options on your computer.

  • Background applications

    Applications left running in the background of your computer can sometimes use mobile data. It is recommended to periodically close running applications.

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