FAQs related to system updates on your Kyocera KONA


Original Post Date: Jan 18, 2016

Answers to some of your questions about system updates

  • What are the different types of system updates?

    There are three different types of system updates that may be available for your Kyocera KONA?. These updates may improve performance or resolve issues.

  • What do software updates do?

    Software updates help improve your phone's performance and occasionally add new features or applications.

  • What is a Data Profile update?

    A data profile update refreshes your connection to the Sprint data network and can resolve data connectivity issues.
  • What is a Network Preferred Roaming List (PRL) update?

    A PRL update refreshes the list of approved cell towers that your phone can connect to. An up-to-date PRL helps your phone achieve the best potential connection to the Sprint network or roaming network.

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